February Draw for the MMOC&IR 269 Club


We have 21 members  that have paid. The rules state each member pays £24.00 pa on a rolling year. Allocation is a 12th which equates to £2.00 per month, 50% stays in the 296 club leaving £21.00 for prize money. As stated in the Spring 2015 ”UNDEERSTEER” the first draw is a rollover the prize money equates to £42.00.

The draw was drawn by Mr P Bullas of “Wilfirs” of  Coventry

Prize money allocated as per the 269 Club  rules are as follows:-

· First Prize           60% =£25.20      Ticket Number 3 

· Second Prize     30%= £12.60      Ticket Number 4 

· Third Prize          10% = £4.20        Ticket Number 8


· Total                               £42.00

March’s prize money can only be increased  with new members. Currently prize money for each month stands at £21.00 so come on all you Marina Club members and get your friends to join.  The funds are for the benefit of the club.

Surplus funds held in the A/C, one  possible option that has been suggested is to purchase some wheel arches to hold in stock as these are the most popular along with jacking points.

Club member and want to join in? Click here to download the sign up form. Good luck!