Marina & Ital Parts Suppliers

If you would like to recommend a company to fellow club members please use the Club's contact page.  Please note all the companies listed below are based on recommendations made by club members.  The MMOC & IR cannot accept any liability for the quality of the products offered, the prices charged or the services provided.

We are finding that some companies are charging over the top prices for some parts and so recommend that several sources and tried both from within the club (see magazine) and this list, before purchasing.

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Parts Name Contact Tel. No. Web Site
Numerous remanufactured body panels

Produced by the Morris Marina Owners Club

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Refurbished clutch slave, clutch master and brake master cylinders

Chris Weedon (Club secretary)

01234 407518 Email Chris
Brake - callipers, pistons, seal kits, centre bearings (37H8019), Diff seals (DAM5079) - same as Dolomite 1500/1850

T D Fitchett

Tel: 01952 620434

T.D. Fitchett
Brake hoses - Front (GHP5 now 64673049), Rear (GHP21 now 390402W), rear adjusters (6471022) - Triumph, Rear anti-roll bar bush end assembly (21H6655) - same as late MGB Abingdon MG Parts Ltd

Tel 0121 544 4444

Fax 0121 544 4340

Abingdon MG Parts
Seals - windscreen, doors, boot and weather strip for doors.  Also gutter trims and windscreen inserts (plastic type for MK1 DLs, MK1s 1975 onwards, MK2s, MK3s, Itals and all commercials)
East Kent Trim

Tel: 01304 611681
Fax: 01304 619936


East Kent Trim

Polyurethane bushes - Tie bar, Mk1 top hat, eye bolt, rear spring hanger, rear spring, telescopic shockers. SuperFlex Ltd

Tel: 01749 678152
Fax: 01749 671404


Superflex Marina Page

Brake components - standard & kevlar Powerstop Brakes Ltd

Tel: 01608 646837
Fax: 01608 649344


Road spring - repair, retemper, uprate Brost Forge Motorspring Service

Tel: 020 7607 2311


Walford trunnion kit Walford Engineering

Tel: 01902 456064


Lucas - switches, lamps, spares

Martini Car Parts

Tel: 01902 401942


Gearbox - reconditioning & parts

Autogear Transmissions Ltd.

Tel: 0203 651 3037


Gearbox - reconditioning & parts

Canley Classics

Tel: 01676 541360

Fax: 01676 542099


Canley Classics

Bushes - steering rack mount - rubber (139386), polyurethane (139386P) - same as Dolomite

Rimmer Bros.

Tel: 01522 568000
Fax: 01522 567600


Rimmer Bros.


Peter Best Insurance

Tel: 01376 574000

Peter Best


Footman James

Tel: 0843 357 1973

Fax: 0843 357 1965

Footman James

Switches - various Marina style Demon Tweeks

Tel: 0844 815 8630

 Fax: 01978 664467


Demon Tweeks
Wide range of Marina & Ital parts - web based catalogue or telephone for availability and price. Earlpart Ltd

Tel: 01773 719504



Wide range of Marina & Ital panels and parts held - new stock coming in all the time - often supplies other organisations - so buy direct. Andy Walsingham Tel: 01451 831174 N/A

Huge range of electrical items for older cars, a lot of this is aimed at kit car builders but there are some really useful things in their catalogue and prices seem to be competitive too.

Vehicle Wiring Products Ltd

Tel: 0115 9305454

Fax: 0115 9440101


Vehicle Wiring Products

Wide range of Classic spark plugs from all leading manufacturers The Green Spark Plug Co

Tel: 01477 532317

Green Spark Plug
Electronic ignition, 'red' rotor arms, distributors, coils Accuspark

Tel: 01442 243688

Wide range of seals, trim fasteners, sound deadening etc Woolies Trim
Tel: 01778 347347
Fax: 01778 341847
DIY rustproofing kits (aerosol and air line), Dinitrol rust proofing (although the 'own brand' rustproofing wax is the same), windscreen removal and fitting products, numerous rubber seals Rejel  Tel: 01234 273388 Rejel
Reconditioned distributors, 'red' rotor arms Distributor Doctor

Tel: 01398 361678


Distributor Doctor


Numerous electrical/loom connectors Holden Vintage and Classic

Tel: 01885 488488

Fax: 01885 488889



GRP front wings Smith and Deakin

Tel: 01905 458886

Fax: 01905 458889


Smith and Deakin

Wiring looms, connectors, fuses, cable etc Autosparks

Tel: 0115 949 7211

Fax: 0115 949 1955



Brake and clutch hydraulics PowerTrack Ltd

Tel: 01753 842680

Fax: 01753 842680



Bumper spacers (MK1) same as MGB 24G629, numerous A and B series engine parts Leacy Classics

Tel: 0121 356 3003

Fax: 0121 356 8686


Leacy Classics

Numerous A series and B series engine spares Brown & Gammons

Tel: 01462 490049

Fax: 01462 896167


Brown and Gammons

SU Carburettor and Fuel Pump spares and rebuild kits Burlen Ltd

Tel: 01722 412500

Fax: 01722 334221


GRP front wings Honeybourne Mouldings

Tel: 01789 774603

Fax: 01789 774604


Honeybourne Mouldings

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